Direct Mail

Are you searching for a way to enhance the effectiveness of your digital prospecting techniques? Direct mail from ContactScience® is an exceptionally effective technique, especially when combined with other innovative strategies such as phone calls or emails. From brochures, postcards, newsletters, or anything in between, direct mail provides your business with a more personalized and unique approach to prospecting, working to drive conversions, increase appointments, and stand out in a digitally-focused marketplace.

Direct Mail Infused Prospecting

How many times has your business mailed to a prospect who is no longer at the address or is on vacation? With the direct mail tool from ContactScience®, your sales representatives easily control the prospecting roadmap, meaning:

  • Nothing is mailed unless the representative has the bandwidth to make a timely follow-up call.

  • Sales reps dictate who should, or should not, receive a direct mail piece, approving the sending of mailers based on what they learn during the first call.

  • The expected delivery date is displayed on the reps worksheet, making it easy to plan for a timely follow-up call.

Direct mail can be used as either a marketing campaign or a prospecting touch for business development. When used as a marketing campaign, direct mail is primarily an effective brand builder. On the other hand, when used as a prospecting touch, direct mail is a different type of ‘touch’ from the traditional voicemail and email touches. This highly effective feature is your chance to stand out from the crowd; providing your prospects with material that is tangible, visual, and something they will remember.

A direct mail message provides benefits to your prospecting. Why?

  • Direct mail is a ‘touch’ the target can hold.

  • Direct mail is a stronger, more visual delivery of the message.

  • Direct mail can ‘hang around’ longer.

  • And more

The ContactScience® direct mail tool not only easily integrates with your current prospecting strategies, but works to create awareness and mindshare. As a result, it provides valuable data and raises the temperature of a cold call to a call that is a little warmer.

Give Your Customers Something To Remember

Achieve better prospecting outcomes with direct mail from ContactScience®. For more information, schedule your free consultation today! We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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